My personal website built with Hugo

Updated 3 weeks ago

Vim script 0 0

Various MUA related config files

Updated 5 months ago

A simple PHP script to tell a visitor's IP address and more information. Similar to, but better :)

Updated 1 year ago

Incremental backups of one or more directory

Updated 5 years ago

This web application regularly scrapes offers from a custom search URL, extracts the most important information, sends an email in case of a new offer, and enables the user to delete offers, add notes, and set a status.

Updated 2 years ago

Gallery shortcode for Hugo. Fork of Li-Wen Yip's Easy Gallery

Updated 3 months ago

Hugo theme component for scraping comments on a Mastodon post containing a site's address

Updated 2 years ago

Graphical frontend for the CLI tool adb with Zenity

Updated 4 years ago

Updated 7 months ago

Some plugins for the (non-free) Franz messaging app

Updated 5 years ago

Several scripts to manage ezmlm mailing lists

Updated 5 years ago

Easy to setup script to monitor websites via ping and index comparison

Updated 5 years ago

Contains several scripts that can show information in the XFCE4 task bar (current IPs, plain output of a website, number of queued mails), and enables users to execute various actions (switch the computer to an "offline mode", send enqueued emails).

Updated 11 months ago

Check if given SSL crt, key and csr files match each other

Updated 5 years ago

Adds a widget to twitter which can serve an RSS feed from Twitter in a privacy friendly and still good-locking way

Updated 5 years ago

New website of

Updated 4 years ago

A simple web app to allow editing a file used for autoreplies

Updated 6 months ago