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  max.mehl 0a5b33e141
absolute alias to fix bug with / 6 hours ago
  max.mehl 793da3eeaa
404 page 7 hours ago
  max.mehl 86d9c34cc3
add JS and Matomo to list pages 7 hours ago
  max.mehl ca0f8235cf
update and publish 7 hours ago
  max.mehl 556e69a2fa
fix RSS link 7 hours ago
  max.mehl 4c5ad0637d
remove hardlinebreak because it creates issues with normal line-breaks 7 hours ago
  max.mehl 59606141f9
fix and advertise blog RSS feeds 1 day ago
  max.mehl e8581c3882
we use multiple licenses 2 days ago
  max.mehl 8638618f9f
update submodule 2 days ago
  max.mehl 98475f605b
make hugo-mastodon-comments a submodule 2 days ago
  max.mehl 33840acd18
make hugo-snap-gallery a submodule 2 days ago
  max.mehl 61f1a93e13
more generic setup for matomo 2 days ago
  max.mehl ac0d9506d4
add CSS-only navbar 2 days ago
  max.mehl c4e9633f49
get rid of unnecessary JS (except for navbar which will be replaced in the next step) 3 days ago
  max.mehl 2f36975369
clean unused CSS 3 days ago
  max.mehl 4bcc291765
add home button 3 days ago
  max.mehl c32b0237a7
better design for single template 3 days ago
  max.mehl 56e9170f01
better design for list template 3 days ago
  max.mehl 82a9b210fc
clean tags 3 days ago
  max.mehl 329b91ace8
lowercase category name 3 days ago
  max.mehl 8c1c4be60e
let RSS show the full content 4 days ago
  max.mehl 16e44ab3f4
fix bug with cached comment stats 4 days ago
  max.mehl f6c7576519
fix blog links 4 days ago
  max.mehl 58316be810
add blog navbar link 4 days ago
  max.mehl 0c53f5f384
fix static link 4 days ago
  max.mehl 8596a5a597
rename files 4 days ago
  max.mehl b5a6cda6c3
clean metadata 4 days ago
  max.mehl e038a67798
polish all imported blog posts 4 days ago
  max.mehl 28aadfc9bf
remove other old meta data 4 days ago
  max.mehl 2a64ab8bba
remove shorturl 4 days ago
  max.mehl cf592faece
replace html entities 4 days ago
  max.mehl 3b3c658a97
fix some minor bugs 4 days ago
  max.mehl 7690630aa5
preserve old slugs 4 days ago
  max.mehl f9d19ce8f3
add pagination 4 days ago
  max.mehl ac4ec5922e
remove 'more' tag 5 days ago
  max.mehl e6870bce8e
add converted wordpress posts 5 days ago
  max.mehl e9963afccd
avoid console error on index 6 days ago
  max.mehl 39561f6050
hide test blog posts again 6 days ago
  max.mehl 517883f907
more comments, some smaller fixes 6 days ago
  max.mehl cdd5d40236
only show comments on non-pages, and add noscript text 6 days ago
  max.mehl dcd79bb343
enable caching for comments 6 days ago
  max.mehl 62e47ea4d0
only collect new toots if file too old 6 days ago
  max.mehl a5924efd91
restructure cache file to contain timestamp 6 days ago
  max.mehl 6993cdcee9
restructure file 6 days ago
  max.mehl fa19a5b6fc
more clever check for only new toots 6 days ago
  max.mehl 467122b957
escaping not necessary 6 days ago
  max.mehl e49778e0ed
Improve JS and portability 6 days ago
  max.mehl 4dda1e0a9c
further improvements, make more portable 6 days ago
  max.mehl 6ae152a3d1
complete rewrite of comment scraper, caching features still missing 6 days ago
  mxmehl e678442198 Add blog functionality (#1) 1 week ago