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update phone 1 month ago
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blog entry about git sed 9 months ago
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update IT link 10 months ago
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improve sentence 1 year ago
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extra thanks 1 year ago
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add syshackers report 1 year ago
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change to new version of hugo-snap-gallery 1 year ago
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fix typo 1 year ago
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list available languages and topics for links, and allow for their dynamic display 1 year ago
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fix line breaks and some left-over html tags 1 year ago
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use icons for video/audio/slides, rearrange, add 2 events 1 year ago
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fix link 1 year ago
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post for #ilovefs 2020 1 year ago
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absolute alias to fix bug with / 1 year ago
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update and publish 1 year ago
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remove hardlinebreak because it creates issues with normal line-breaks 1 year ago
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clean tags 1 year ago
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lowercase category name 1 year ago
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fix blog links 1 year ago
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fix static link 1 year ago
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rename files 1 year ago
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clean metadata 1 year ago
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polish all imported blog posts 1 year ago
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remove other old meta data 1 year ago
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remove shorturl 1 year ago
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replace html entities 1 year ago
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fix some minor bugs 1 year ago
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preserve old slugs 1 year ago
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remove 'more' tag 1 year ago
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add converted wordpress posts 1 year ago
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avoid console error on index 1 year ago
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hide test blog posts again 1 year ago
  mxmehl e678442198 Add blog functionality (#1) 1 year ago
  max.mehl bb408eb013
use better heading anchors 2 years ago
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clarify wording 2 years ago
  max.mehl 0c16bf9df8
use upstream hugo-cloak-email which implemented custom changes 2 years ago
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update links 2 years ago
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initial commit 2 years ago