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  max.mehl e038a67798
polish all imported blog posts 5 months ago
  max.mehl 28aadfc9bf
remove other old meta data 5 months ago
  max.mehl 2a64ab8bba
remove shorturl 5 months ago
  max.mehl cf592faece
replace html entities 5 months ago
  max.mehl 3b3c658a97
fix some minor bugs 5 months ago
  max.mehl 7690630aa5
preserve old slugs 5 months ago
  max.mehl f9d19ce8f3
add pagination 5 months ago
  max.mehl ac4ec5922e
remove 'more' tag 5 months ago
  max.mehl e6870bce8e
add converted wordpress posts 5 months ago
  max.mehl e9963afccd
avoid console error on index 5 months ago
  max.mehl 39561f6050
hide test blog posts again 5 months ago
  max.mehl 517883f907
more comments, some smaller fixes 5 months ago
  max.mehl cdd5d40236
only show comments on non-pages, and add noscript text 5 months ago
  max.mehl dcd79bb343
enable caching for comments 5 months ago
  max.mehl 62e47ea4d0
only collect new toots if file too old 5 months ago
  max.mehl a5924efd91
restructure cache file to contain timestamp 5 months ago
  max.mehl 6993cdcee9
restructure file 5 months ago
  max.mehl fa19a5b6fc
more clever check for only new toots 5 months ago
  max.mehl 467122b957
escaping not necessary 5 months ago
  max.mehl e49778e0ed
Improve JS and portability 5 months ago
  max.mehl 4dda1e0a9c
further improvements, make more portable 5 months ago
  max.mehl 6ae152a3d1
complete rewrite of comment scraper, caching features still missing 5 months ago
  mxmehl e678442198 Add blog functionality (#1) 5 months ago
  max.mehl 7ad089ec54
add GPG key for WKD 6 months ago
  max.mehl 9f4b598f6f
change image 8 months ago
  max.mehl 3d93fbc906
use official link 9 months ago
  max.mehl 70a944523d
add new links and fill others 9 months ago
  max.mehl 1bf6cd7c00
only link if href is not empty 9 months ago
  max.mehl e35c9f76cd
replace deprecated .Hugo by hugo function 9 months ago
  max.mehl bb408eb013
use better heading anchors 11 months ago
  max.mehl f872baf97e
clarify wording 1 year ago
  max.mehl 0c16bf9df8
use upstream hugo-cloak-email which implemented custom changes 1 year ago
  max.mehl f1b18f165e
rewrite old URLs 1 year ago
  max.mehl 5c6b78c6e2
update links 1 year ago
  max.mehl 3a198e4d66
break caching of custom.css depending on build date 1 year ago
  max.mehl e21388f8ab
fix mastodon verification 1 year ago
  max.mehl 14617bd508
fix scrollbar hack to wrk with top and bottom page borders 1 year ago
  max.mehl 8fded5eb89
change colour scheme 1 year ago
  max.mehl 44ad282991
mastodon proof and syntax improvements 1 year ago
  max.mehl f4a2cade26
add keybase proof 1 year ago
  max.mehl 0dbfa0288d
scale picture down 1 year ago
  max.mehl c25f58250b
enable compression and caching 1 year ago
  max.mehl 2d10299a60
scale social pictures by hovering 1 year ago
  max.mehl faed4308b5
include js and matomo template on inxdex page 1 year ago
  max.mehl 28136468ac
add date, delete unused file 1 year ago
  max.mehl 0bc20b77b3
add matomo, slim down a few lines 1 year ago
  max.mehl 9babd3cb56
initial commit 1 year ago