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baseURL = ""
languageCode = "de-de"
title = "Pfadfinder DPSG Bruder Klaus Konstanz"
theme = ["hugo-dpsg"]
subtitle = "Allzeit bereit in Konstanz"
copyright = "DPSG Stamm Bruder Klaus Konstanz"
opengraph = true # Enable OpenGraph if true
twitter_cards = true # Enable Twitter Cards if true
readmore = false # Show "Read more" button in list if true
authorbox = true # Show authorbox at bottom of pages if true
toc = true # Enable Table of Contents
post_navigation = true # Show post navigation at bottom of pages if true
post_meta = ["date", "categories", "translations"] # Order of post meta information
mainSections = ["post", "blog", "news"] # Specify section pages to show on home page and the "Recent articles" widget
dateformat = "2006-01-02" # Change the format of dates
mathjax = true # Enable MathJax
mathjaxPath = "" # Specify MathJax path
mathjaxConfig = "TeX-AMS-MML_HTMLorMML" # Specify MathJax config
highlightColor = "#e22d30" # Override highlight color
customCSS = ["css/custom.css"] # Include custom CSS files
customJS = ["js/custom.js"] # Include custom JS files
# Used in authorbox
name = "John Doe"
bio = "John Doe's true identity is unknown. Maybe he is a successful blogger or writer. Nobody knows it."
avatar = "img/avatar.png"
home = "right" # Configure layout for home page
list = "right" # Configure layout for list pages
single = "right" # Configure layout for single pages
# Enable widgets in given order
widgets = ["search", "recent", "categories", "taglist", "social", "languages"]
recent_num = 5 # Set the number of articles in the "Recent articles" widget
tags_counter = false # Enable counter for each tag in "Tags" widget