Gather IP address of a computer and push it to an Snap DynDNS Server instance.
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6 years ago
# Snap DynDNS server (ending with update.php)
6 years ago
# Snap DynDNS domain, username and password
6 years ago
# You can other domains to be updated. Just increase the counter
6 years ago
# Service which shows own IP in plain text (notice that if you use IPv4
# and IPv6 parallely you will get an IPv6 address in many cases in
# return. So you would have to set your DynDNS domain record
# accordingly to AAAA instead of A to make it working. Else, use a
# service which only returns your IPv4 address like the default one.)
# Timeout for IP requests to the service above in seconds
# Comma-separated IP(s) which should be ignored.
# If one of these IPs is the current IP, there'll be no DNS update
# (e.g. for your VPN servers)
# Should the DynDNS update be aborted if your public IP is a Tor exit node IP?
# URL where the list of Tor exit nodes can be downloaded