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My personal website built with Hugo

Ажурирано пре 1 недеља

A simple PHP script to tell a visitor's IP address and more information. Similar to, but better :)

Ажурирано пре 3 недеља

Various MUA related config files

Ажурирано пре 4 недеља

Gather IP address of a computer and push it to an Snap DynDNS Server instance.

Ажурирано пре 1 месец

Ажурирано пре 1 месец

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Ажурирано пре 2 месеци

Ажурирано пре 4 месеци

Gallery shortcode for Hugo. Fork of Li-Wen Yip's Easy Gallery

Ажурирано пре 4 месеци

Hugo theme component for scraping comments on a Mastodon post containing a site's address

Ажурирано пре 8 месеци

This web application regularly scrapes offers from a custom search URL, extracts the most important information, sends an email in case of a new offer, and enables the user to delete offers, add notes, and set a status.

Ажурирано пре 9 месеци

Downloads configurable directories from uberspace users (and also other SSH-accessible server) and encrypts them with GnuPG. Can automatically delete older backups.

Ажурирано пре 10 месеци

Old website of

Ажурирано пре 1 година

This script enables users to easily upload files via a SSH connection and creates a link to download them

Ажурирано пре 1 година

Several scripts to mount local or remote network storages (SSH, SMB...)

Ажурирано пре 1 година

Contains several scripts that can show information in the XFCE4 task bar (current IPs, plain output of a website, number of queued mails), and enables users to execute various actions (switch the computer to an "offline mode", send enqueued emails).

Ажурирано пре 2 година