85 Commits (master)

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  mxmehl 7796f7e7ad
restructure passwords 6 months ago
  mxmehl 8964decb7e
ignore archives dir 6 months ago
  mxmehl 8811fea38e
small config improvements 6 months ago
  mxmehl b182c215f0
update signature 1 year ago
  mxmehl e2f16d7b16
fix MID and user agent header 1 year ago
  mxmehl c2d8d07817
tag emails as inbox if addressed in To or Cc 1 year ago
  mxmehl c61ad7fd20
add new account 1 year ago
  mxmehl 7fde235733
new password 1 year ago
  mxmehl 9e9193cff8
add new tags to exclusion list 1 year ago
  mxmehl 62af68f521
do not move files from archive which are tagged as spam 1 year ago
  mxmehl 7a561a34a8
update config and keybindings 1 year ago
  mxmehl 70da920f7f
hook to move a mail back to the inbox 1 year ago
  mxmehl 210b223c34
use notmuch to get mail path 1 year ago
  mxmehl e22ed7b375
turn off debugging 1 year ago
  mxmehl e5c0bff6f7
ignore empty lines and #comments in tag-list.csv 1 year ago
  mxmehl 3d7b4d40fb
add addresses.vim for shortcuts for often-used mail addresses 1 year ago
  mxmehl 787a229c08
new default astroid config values 1 year ago
  mxmehl 400a6ac017
remove datelimit depending on connection status as it doesn't make a real difference any more 1 year ago
  mxmehl 39a03fce20
display runtime of script 1 year ago
  mxmehl 47e801e1f8
compile pyc file from 04522a176e 1 year ago
  mxmehl 99d2bf712f
update version and import to new WebExt 1 year ago
  mxmehl 7b0272116b
disable debug 1 year ago
  mxmehl 1f153edaec
increase speed heavily 1 year ago
  mxmehl 3b366b4a17
new default astroid config values 1 year ago
  mxmehl b997ea0747
softlink to other password store 2 years ago
  max.mehl 06d93ddd03
add textern Firefox addon for auto-loading configs 2 years ago
  mxmehl e6ab662343
improve signature 2 years ago
  mxmehl fb7275695a
increase date limit 2 years ago
  mxmehl bead4b8bb9
latest automatic config changes 2 years ago
  mxmehl 195b10d4a7 increase send delay to 6 sec 2 years ago
  mxmehl b904f029c2 new format=flowed config 2 years ago
  mxmehl ea62d30313 remove new tag 2 years ago
  mxmehl 9893b5f5f6 change position of move-tag.sh and index before and after it 2 years ago
  mxmehl c807fe97b7 don't set unread tag but new instead. this is the recommended behaviour 2 years ago
  mxmehl 3cbdab7c13 more intelligent way to set limit for date 2 years ago
  mxmehl fb0d1665d6 add markdown footnotes plugin 2 years ago
  mxmehl fc5293f608 set decrypt as default, possible since notmuch 0.26 2 years ago
  mxmehl 46324312bc increase max width in mail header 2 years ago
  mxmehl 696c8d95bd new greeting, add shortcut to cut email address 2 years ago
  mxmehl 9416201066 config changes with new version 2 years ago
  mxmehl ee39c594fb hide todo tag in inbox 2 years ago
  mxmehl 7116d71dad add surround plugin 2 years ago
  mxmehl ff91f1aae2 remove links to private websites 2 years ago
  mxmehl 3f8726c26c Add markdown signature and introduce inbox tag 2 years ago
  mxmehl 000856a0ef Add LanguageTool to vim 2 years ago
  mxmehl 60991738df Also exclude git tag from searches 2 years ago
  mxmehl 62cfa32a83 attachment script and markdown preview 2 years ago
  mxmehl bae2bceb00 fix attachments with spaces and don't delete them after opening them 2 years ago
  mxmehl e7276755b7 config update to v9 2 years ago
  mxmehl 62ccda24f5 signature change 2 years ago