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max.mehl 6da9f1fabc
allow to backup a specific host 9 months ago
max.mehl 46903a4038
support non-standard SSH ports, fix some shellchecks 9 months ago
Max Mehl 4c8127c388
fix behaviour with UTF-8 file names; make mysql backup source depend on uberspace version 2 years ago
max.mehl 31105d3875
add REUSE badge 3 years ago
max.mehl 96be32af8b
remove unused CIs 3 years ago
max.mehl c046b4d0ca
SPDX-Copyright -> SPDX-FileCopyrightText 3 years ago
max.mehl 1ad4c88d75
make more POSIX compliant 3 years ago
max.mehl b304f604e0
try CI with latest stable image (currently 0.3.4) 3 years ago
max.mehl 037e156586
add REUSE CI checks for Drone, Gitlab, and Travis 3 years ago
max.mehl 574ac3b387
make REUSE compliant 3 years ago
max.mehl c66fe0e48d
make POSIX compliant 3 years ago
max.mehl fb77303fa5
no host key check 3 years ago
max.mehl 3e1b38188b
fix wrong variable name 3 years ago
max.mehl 4c45e2e73f
make runnable on other platforms 3 years ago
max.mehl aa7a3f1177
add possibility to define SSH key 3 years ago
max.mehl cdcb177c0c
abort and log backup if SSH login doesn't work 4 years ago
mxmehl 66f982c783 update README to latest status 5 years ago
mxmehl bd234f93eb improve rsync performance over SSH with large or many small files 5 years ago
mxmehl 4886b653d3 add script to help with checking successful SSH authentication and placement of public SSH key 5 years ago
mxmehl aaea908753 add file header 5 years ago
mxmehl 60743f9539 adding home backup shortcut 5 years ago
mxmehl fa8e554bbc improve logging 5 years ago
mxmehl 7629347ac6 more verbose logging 5 years ago
mxmehl 175c9492de disable SSH warnings 5 years ago
mxmehl bbd9f67021 remove logrun again because of errors 5 years ago
mxmehl 7039bc7fa9 less useless verbosity; adding more useful logfile 5 years ago
mxmehl 15d7664d35 better deletion logic 5 years ago
mxmehl a3aeea9e4b remove debug leftover 5 years ago
mxmehl f7c23041c6 add README file 5 years ago
mxmehl b495659564 remove leftovers from debugging 5 years ago
mxmehl ee61135133 Initial commit 5 years ago