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  mxmehl 099d87e70a improve/add license headers 3 years ago
  mxmehl be2449e032 CSS rules for language changes 3 years ago
  mxmehl 0282a1f67b add README file 3 years ago
  mxmehl f38a46d07e add info that sendmailenc is experimental 3 years ago
  mxmehl 5d6850a2d3 add sample htpasswd file 3 years ago
  mxmehl e31a21fa6f add multilanguage support (currently EN and DE) 3 years ago
  mxmehl 4adfdb3339 fixes to surpress errors and avoid IP bans 3 years ago
  mxmehl 6d342f3941 add better WP installations; small fixes 3 years ago
  mxmehl c4b3f72b86 fix bug which always resulted in quota usage of 1MB 4 years ago
  mxmehl 66de5590cd fixing bug which removes mysql password instead of wordpress 4 years ago
  mxmehl cd62d588b1 debugging 4 years ago
  mxmehl 605b0a57e1 small improvements 4 years ago
  mxmehl 2f554ea566 fix copy-paste mistake 4 years ago
  mxmehl 49648f229d add wordpress uninstall functionality 4 years ago
  mxmehl 34c905c62b make wrapper bg inherited to avoid overlapping text bugs 4 years ago
  mxmehl f53c452eda change warn to class 4 years ago
  mxmehl a6cbc18c77 fix validation errors 4 years ago
  mxmehl 6b3039152c small layout improvement 4 years ago
  mxmehl b5282bdf56 update css for a better design 4 years ago
  mxmehl 6318579e22 remove all debugging parts of installwp 4 years ago
  mxmehl ec2329e2a0 fix installwp 4 years ago
  mxmehl bd45331ef1 more debugging 4 years ago
  mxmehl 86a1ecaaef debugging 4 years ago
  mxmehl 610fb934bc fix wordpress installation bugs 4 years ago
  mxmehl 2f2312ff56 fix fix quota bug 4 years ago
  mxmehl 28380d8c29 fix quota bug 4 years ago
  mxmehl fc36b4f18e add noscript warning 4 years ago
  mxmehl bb6b98a748 add function to install wordpress 4 years ago
  mxmehl f0746e3178 protect files 4 years ago
  mxmehl 9d21bbdfab switch to AGPL license step 2 4 years ago
  mxmehl c5953fa39b switch to AGPL license 4 years ago
  mxmehl 00db2a200a add quota functionality 4 years ago
  mxmehl 47a47d6331 add addalias functionality 4 years ago
  mxmehl ac4ec80edd change default value 4 years ago
  mxmehl 8eaa16e42f more password disclosure avoidance 4 years ago
  mxmehl 707aba6699 fixing smaller bugs 4 years ago
  mxmehl 822987d9a5 debugging 4 years ago
  mxmehl 25dade2bf0 debugging 4 years ago
  mxmehl 5838b25339 debugging 4 years ago
  mxmehl 311468bd18 debugging 4 years ago
  mxmehl e6da8f23ae expand notesinsert to read password only from file 4 years ago
  mxmehl 455a226649 try new function 4 years ago
  mxmehl e1aea2fa95 try new function 4 years ago
  mxmehl 4f183e9c44 try new function 4 years ago
  mxmehl 97986f4627 change width to avoid collisions 4 years ago
  mxmehl ccb634708d more password protection; adapt regex 4 years ago
  mxmehl be106959d1 password anti-disclosure for python script 4 years ago
  mxmehl 24ac6ad06f password anti-disclosure for python script 4 years ago
  mxmehl 36241cc688 password anti-disclosure for python script 4 years ago
  mxmehl e39023e6fd more password anti-disclosure 4 years ago